What is a Wickless Candle? 
A wickless candle is the same as a wax melt/tart except it is in a jar. You get all of the amazing aroma from a regular candle, just without the flame. You sit the wickless candle on a candle warmer, turn the warmer on and allow the candle to fully melt to release its amazing fragrance. 

What days do you ship? 
Candles: Only ship Monday-Wednesday to ensure your candle is coming to its new home in perfect proper condition. 
All other Home Decor: Will be shipped Monday-Friday.

How long before my order ships? 
Please allow 10-14 business days for your item to be beautifully handmade and properly packaged.

How to care for my product? 
Please return to the item as all care instructions for each item is listed in the product description.

Which candle is better?  
Both candle types are great products. Wickless candles may be more ideal for offices, drafty areas or if there are small children or pets in the home. There is something about lighting a candle that helps to complete a mood or add to the finishing touch.