Candle Care

Candle Care:

Candles are a great home decoration and can often be the finishing touch you are looking for. 

•Always burn candle within eyesight, never leave unattended. 

•Trim wick to 1/4 inch before each lighting with a wick trimmer, new nail clippers or scissors.

•Burn candle on a flat, heat resistant surface.

•Allow candle to burn for no less than 1 hour and no more than 4 hours. 

•Keep lid on the candle when it is NOT burning to keep it free of dust and debris.

•Discard candle once wax reaches 1/2 inch from the bottom

•Keep candle out of reach and away from children and pets.

Wickless Candle Care:

Wickless candles are ideal for drafty areas and homes with small children and pets.

•Allow the candle to fully melt to release its amazing fragrance. 

•Once the candle is no longer releasing any fragrance while fully melted, allow the candle to completely cool and harden to discard candle all together or empty the cooled wax into the trash and keep the jar for personal usage.

•Never dispose wax down the drain, it can clog the pipes.

•Keep away from curtains and walls.

•Always warm the candle within eyesight and in an open area.

•NEVER warm the candle with the lid on.

•No flame, same great fragrance.